Employment Benefits

Employee Assistance Program
Provides professional, confidential counseling to assist employees with personal or work-related problems. 1-866-440-6556


Retirement CERS
Eligible employees contribute a percentage of their salary, and the City matches the states defined benefit. The plan is designed to reward service with a retirement income based on length of service, salary and age. 


KY Deferred Compensation Plan
Voluntary pre-tax savings in either a 401, 457 or post tax savings Roth IRA through Deferred Compensation Plan for public employees. 


Life and AD&D Insurance
All full-time employees receive a life insurance policy provided by The Standard Insurance Company paid by the City of Paris benefits are paid at annual salary x (2)
Standard Insurance


Optional Benefits Provided by American Fidelity americanfidelity.com

Accidental Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Disability Insurance (supplemental income)

Critical Illness Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance


COBRA support for participants provided by BMS LLC  


Online Time and Attendance

Employee can access leave accrual and timecards thru the employee portal via

Kronos: Workforce Ready Online


Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual rate increases with tenure as follows:

Job Category

Year of Service

Vacation Accrual Rate

Firefighter, EMS

0 - 1 year

9 hours per month

Firefighter, EMS

1 - 5 Years

15 hours per month

Firefighter, EMS

5 + Years

21 hours per month

Police / Dispatchers

0 + Years

17.6 hours per month

Police and Fire Chief / Asst Chief / Captain

1 + Years

10 hours per month

All other eligible Employees

0 - 1 Year

4 hours per month

All other eligible Employees

1 - 5 Years

8 hours per month

All other eligible Employees

5 + years

10 hours per month

Sick Leave
All full-time employees shall earn and accumulate sick leave with pay at the rate of eight (8) hours per month. Fire Department employees assigned to 24-hour shifts shall earn (12) hours per month.


Holidays and Personal Days
The following days are declared paid holidays at the regular straight-time rate of pay for employees occupying full-time established positions:

The first day of January (New Year's Day)

The third Monday of January (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday)

The Friday preceding Easter (Good Friday)

The last Monday in May (Memorial Day)

The nineteenth day of June (Juneteenth) 

The fourth day of July (Independence Day)

The first Monday in September (Labor Day)

Friday, November 11 (Veterans’ Day)

The fourth Thursday and Friday in November (Thanksgiving Day and day after)

The twenty-fourth day of December (Christmas Eve)

The twenty-fifth day of December (Christmas Day)

The last day of December (New Years Eve)

Employee Birthday (by request)

Human Resources Director
Phone: (859) 987-2110 x 3109
Email: humanresources@paris.ky.gov