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The Paris Mayor, the City Commissioners, and all City Staff, welcome you to The City of Paris website.

Paris is a historic, spirited, and evolving community with small town hospitality. Paris strives to encourage great innovation, sustainable development, and enhanced recreational and educational opportunities, thus providing a safe and secure place to live, raise families, work and conduct business.

High/Main Street Project Update

Per the State Contact on 4/26/2023
The storm sewer work is approximately a month to six weeks away from completing that part of the project.
Work has begun on the placement of curb and gutter on the left side of High St. In the next few weeks, sidewalks and concrete entrances will begin to be placed.
The new traffic light at 8th and High St. is being completed. The rehab part of the project is currently being targeted for the end of the year. Crews are working to have the resurfacing done as well by the end of the year, but is dependent on the completion of the rehab work.

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